Sustainable Packaging

Your packaging is the first impression your brand makes. And it communicates how your product and brand are different.

We are here to help solve your packaging challenges. Our team has the proven experience and the solutions to find the right packaging solution for your needs.

With more than 106 years in the packaging industry, we’ve helped customers achieve their goals  – increased revenue, reduced costs, and improved bottom line.


Sustainable Packaging Myths vs. Facts

Myth:  Plastic is bad for the environment.

Fact:  Plastic does take longer for a natural process to erase, but it can be a more sustainable material.


Myth:  To be “sustainable” and use plastic you must recycle.

Fact:  Recycling is just one piece.  The two biggest areas of sustainability are energy and transportation.


Myth:  Sustainability and “green” are synonymous terms.

Fact:  Sustainability and “green” do overlap.  However, “Green” usually refers to using the natural over the artificial.  Sustainable packaging relies more on technology.


Myth:  Sustainability is expensive.

Fact:  There are short-term costs, but long-term gains.


Myth:  Once you understand the concept, operating sustainably is easy.

Fact:  Often what was once thought to be a sustainable solution turns out to be problematic.  Using corn to produce ethanol.  Seems sustainable, but the process of farming, harvesting, and converting to ethanol is extremely energy-intensive.


Sustainable Packaging Solutions to Lower Your Environmental Footprint

Your packaging can be as important as the product itself. From stock to custom, we create a broad range of unique packages that add value to your products and create a stronger brand presence.

Every company has packaging challenges specific to their industry. Our team explores new ways to look at your packaging opportunities. We specialize in creating solutions for your product and sustainability needs – right from the start.

At Empire Emco, we are dedicated to the environmental impact of packaging – from environmentally-friendly materials selection during development to the footprint it leaves upon disposal. We focus on choosing the right materials that allow packaging to be reduced and reused.


Eco-friendly Packaging

  • Post-Consumer Resin
  • Additive Technology
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Renewable Materials


If you would like to discuss how we can guide you through all aspects of your packaging project, please contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation.