Several companies have released new products that are pushing plastics recycling forward, including PCR-specific additives and 83% recycled content films. Here’s a roundup of innovation news. 

Additives for PCR

Avient Corporation recently introduced a PCR Color Prediction Service for polyolefins and PET resins and a polyolefin antioxidant called Cesa Nox A4R Additives for Recycling.

The additives are specifically designed to make it easier to work with PCR in packaging, while the color service helps brands figure out what colors are possible based on the amount of PCR used in the product. This includes calculating how much PCR can be added to an existing application without affecting the signature color.

“Avient is fully committed to increasing opportunities to expand the use of recycled polymers, addressing any barriers that arise either during the recycling process or when customers want to incorporate PCR content into existing or new applications,” said Norbert Merklein, vice president and general manager for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions of Color, Additives and Inks at Avient.

The color service uses a proprietary software to measure resin characteristics, “avoiding time-consuming trial and error,” a press release said.

“By speeding the evaluation process, the service also gives greater flexibility to customers that may need to switch from one PCR content source to another, which is especially important due to today’s supply variability,” the press release said.

The additive helps protect post-consumer polyolefins against oxidation and can either be added early in the recycling process or incorporated into virgin resin to prepare it for future recycling, the press release said.

Teknor Apex adds products

Teknor Apex launched a new thermoplastic vulcanizate, Sarlink R2 3180B TPV, that has 25% post-industrial recycled content.

The product is intended for use in applications that require elasticity and long-term performance, such as extruded seals and hoses or molded gaskets. It is also recyclable.

The new grade is a pre-colored black, high-durometer multi-purpose TPV “that is essentially the functional equivalent of its virgin counterpart in terms of processing and performance,” a press release said.

“The use of recycled content helps to promote a circular economy while decreasing reliance on virgin fossil-based resources and energy,” the press release said. “This allows brands to meet consumer and regulatory demands for enhanced sustainability of their products and contributes toward a lower carbon footprint.”

Teknor Apex plans to launch softer grades and more specialty TPV formulations with sustainable content later this year.