Empire Emco helps companies large and small with sourcing appropriate, cost-effective packaging for a wide variety of industries. We are experts in a full range of packaging components – from bottles and jars, to closure systems, to printing and labeling – and can coordinate all aspects of your packaging through a single source. Empire Emco is a resource for companies experiencing production or shipping issues, and our large supplier network gives us multiple options for sourcing your components. We represent dozens of manufacturers with hundreds of plants and can facilitate finding the right partners to team up for a project, potentially saving you money on freight costs and increasing your level of service. Should a problem occur we will work diligently to determine the root cause, and follow through on your behalf with a resolution and corresponding corrective action. Because our supplier relationships are strong, we possess purchasing clout that often enables you to enjoy a lower total cost of goods than you would if you purchased the same items directly from the manufacturers. As well as Open Order expediting resources that will identify any potential production delays.
As a distributor, Empire Emco has regional sales representatives across the United States. We work with manufacturing facilities all over the world to provide you the best pricing and lead times available. To find your local sales representative, click on the Resources > Find Your Contact at the top of this page.
Our stocking programs and inventory levels change on a daily basis. If we don’t have it in stock we may be able to offer an alternative or secure the item within our external network.
Empire EMCO can typically get you a quick quote in 24 hours or less.
Pre-COVID typical leads on average were 4-6 weeks.  Today, lead times have increased to 20-24 weeks, or possibly longer. We suggest demand forecasting, blanket order PO's and/or get your PO's in quickly.
The impact of COVID-19 has taken its toll on the plastics industry with the demand for PPE.  Manufacturers of virgin plastics had to shift gears to meet this demand. In addition, the Texas Storms caused a global plastics shortage. This has caused a serious plastic shortage of virgin plastic across the globe.  Now manufacturers are seeking to find a solution by using recycled plastic.
• Communicate with your sales representative. • Forecast your packaging needs. • Place a blanket order. • Be flexible and open to alternatives. • Get purchase orders in quickly. It's always easier to push an order out than pull it forward.
Issuing a blanket order allows our customers not to hold more stock than necessary at any time, and avoids the administrative expense of processing frequent purchase orders while favoring discount pricing through volume commitments or price breaks.
There has been an unprecedented rise in the current market price of plastic resin, spot resin, associated raw materials and precursor ingredients. Factors such as the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic, supply chain problems, production difficulties and lack of sufficient workers have contributed to current conditions.
There are six variables that can affect the cost of shipping: 1. Package dimensions 2. Package weight 3. Shipping destination 4. Value of contents shipped 5. Delivery times 6. Unexpected problems
Rigid packaging is made from denser and thicker materials while flexible packaging is mostly made from plastic, film, foil, and paper which makes them less heavy than rigid packaging. ... Most flexible packaging is constructed of multiple layers, resulting in a longer shelf life than the rigid packaging.
Typical PCR percentages are 25%, 50% 75%, 100%
To obtain that designation, the resin must be collected, sorted, cleaned, ground, melted, recrystallized and/or repelletized all according to processes approved by the FDA. There are very few companies that are equipped to put post-consumer bottles through this rigorous process, so there is a premium for the high-quality post-consumer resin they produce.
PCR prices fluctuate based on market conditions and the source of the PCR. We will always quote you on current market conditions.
PCR (post-consumer resin), biodegradable products, resin additives, and light-weighting.
Bioresins are resins that are made partially or completely from plants such as sugar cane.
Light weighting is a process by which your existing packaging is adjusted and redesigned to reduce the overall weight of the item.
Kortrax® - a barrier resin based on polyamide (PA) and is primarily designed for blending with HDPE in an extrusion process. Post-Mold Fluorination – this occurs when containers are exposed to fluorine gas in a sealed reactor. In-mold fluorination - takes place during the blowing process by mixing fluorine and nitrogen into the air supply. **Use caution when selecting fluorination as a barrier see EPA data.
Yes, we work with suppliers that can manufacture bottles from Certified Ocean Bound HDPE and PET post-consumer plastic.
Yes, please call us for more details.
A glaring disadvantage of flexible packaging is the lack of recyclability. Multi-layer packaging is in general not recyclable due to the layers themselves. Once packages contain plastic-metal and plastic-paper-metal layers, material separation makes substantially more difficult if not impossible.