Global Sourcing

EmpireEMCO identifies and builds business relationships with key suppliers from around the world to deliver smart, cost-effective packaging solutions. To realizing cost benefits, we employ our knowledge and experience in order to mitigate issues often associated with language barriers, cultural differences, freight and duty costs, conflicting regulations from various geographic regions and others.

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Our highest priority is to connect the right project with the right supplier for the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

I approached EmpireEMCO because I needed to consolidate the number of suppliers we used and have ease of inventory management. The Empire Team researched options that would meet our needs then took the time to present the various options to us. They worked with us through various options, ultimately finding the best one that suited our needs while saving us money. I enjoyed working with the Empire Team. One thing I liked was their friendly, smart, timely approach and delivery of the solutions that met our needs. I know that if I have a request, it will be handled in a timely manner and options I may not have thought of will be presented. The experienced staff at EmpireEMCO really knows what they are doing. I would recommend EmpireEMCO to anyone that wants a team that works well together and works to make your life easier.

- Michele Vorwerk, Director of Purchasing, Scruples Hair Care

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